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Comprehensive solutions for handling employee data, payroll, benefits, and performance reviews are offered through our HRM Services. Our platform's adaptability and user-friendliness enable organisations to improve efficiency and optimise their HR procedures. Businesses may make data-driven decisions and improve their workforce management with the help of our sophisticated reporting and analytics tools.

Our Modules

The Modules of our application typically include features for managing employee information, payroll processing, leave management, Time & Attendance, Geo fencing, Reports etc. These modules can be customized on-demand to meet the specific needs of an organization and provide a centralized platform for managing HR functions.

Why Choose US?

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Transformational HRO model at SignalHRM

The SignalHRM model leverages a business transformation and metric driven approach to build a customized roadmap aimed at achieving business objectives - employee experience, focus on business metrics, operational excellence, working capital efficiency and compliance & control. We deliver these benefits through:

  • Business process improvements derived from industry-leading practices, maturity models and benchmarking with industry leading metrics.
  • Continuous improvement, process streamlining and technology transformation capabilities.
  • Partnering with clients to influence business metrics that include hire to retire cost, open position fill rate, return on training investments etc.
  • Breaking the traditional ‘value curve barrier’ by moving from incremental improvements to quantum changes through analytics, business insight and true partnering of line managers & the HR centers of expertise
SignalHRM Differentiators
  • Multi-process HRO practice built on a sustainable model for delivering HR servicesin an offshore centric model.
  • Flexible and scalable delivery platform to partner with clients in their organic and inorganic growth.
  • Capability to deliver comprehensive seamless solutions through excellent cross service collaboration across our HR Technology, Consulting and outsourcing practices.
  • Deep domain understanding acquired and strengthened through Mitiz Technologies HR transformation.
  • Focus on building HR professionals through training and certification programs in collaboration with external organizations like SHRM and IFEBP.
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Customer Benefits

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Improving Service Levels

Reduction of cycle time by 20% for a global network equipment manufacturer

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Enhancing Productivity

Productivity improvement of 20% within 3 years of operations for the employee services arm of a leading investment manager

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Impacting HR Metrics

Enhancing position fill rate by 20% and reduction in recruitment cycle time by 20%

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Enabling Transformation

Defined a joint new client implementation model for a benefits outsourcing client that eliminated the need for a ‘project management team’ on the client side

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Client Partnership

Enabling HR functions by partnering with client organizations allowing them to focus on differentiated policies, practices and enhanced connect with employees

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Differentiated Practice

Making differentiated but consistent employee experience a reality

Our Clients

We are honored to have worked with a wide variety of clients across different industries and are dedicated to helping them achieve their goals.

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What Our Clients Say

SignalHRM's quality of work is phenomenal. They are highly responsive, communication is fantastic and the best part of working with them is the Trust factor. They are responsible enough to maintain the disclosure agreement. Highly recommended! Hire them today!

client William Devon Ambrose
Founder of Citizen Ticket

SignalHRM's team is highly responsive, responsible and reliable. They are very dedicated to working with my company and help us grow. Highly recommended to startups and other companies who want to take their product to next level!

client Steve Marin
Nextcode.Info Inc.

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