2023-10-19 10:48:18
Essential HRMS features and their Benefits

A good HRMS saves time and resources by streamlining the HR function while enhancing the overall employee experience. It simplifies your responsibilities and contributes to fostering a productive work environment. This blog focuses on helping you identify an HRMS management solution that aligns with your needs and how it can impact your business positively.

Benefits Access:

An HRMS must provide access to various benefits administration modules. For example, including perks such as medical insurance, leaves (sick, casual, paternity/maternity), and pension plans.

Mobile Compatibility:

The HRMS must be optimized for mobile applications for Android and iOS to ensure the employees can access important information from anywhere.


Managerial self-services allow managers to manage HR processes such as assessing candidate applications, approving claims, and accessing employee information. The employee self-service ensures the employee can enter personal data, request leaves, and check statuses, improving their accountability and autonomy.

Time Management:

This feature of HRMS enables managers to track the presence and absence of employees. It helps them find out who is absent along with the reason for their absence. The various modules help managers create attendance modules, manage work schedules, and set up notifications and alerts. The time and attendance modules include options such as PINs, biometrics, and facial recognition for accurate time tracking.

 Payroll Integration:

A reliable HRMS management software must have the capability to integrate payroll with time and attendance modules. This helps managers extract accurate payroll cycle data to calculate employee salaries.

Customizable Dashboards:

A customizable dashboard allows the users to customize the display settings of their dashboard such as color, themes, text, and widgets to enhance employee engagement with the HRMS management software.

Predicting Capabilities:

The HRMS software should allow the users to review past data and plan a performance plan as per the set KPIs and goals. It helps them to find out how much time a task will take, and how many employees need to be allocated to different projects.

Access Controls:

The access to information, reports, and data is categorized as either private or public within HRMS software. The top-notch HRMS software includes administrative capabilities for assigning different levels of access to different resources to strengthen data security and prevent the unauthorized sharing of classified information with non-designated users.

Learning and Development:

HRMS software with learning management modules reduces the overwhelming burden of ongoing training and development. It makes it easy to nominate training, manage courses, and update learning resources by ensuring compliance.

A good HRMS solution provides a comprehensive array of learning opportunities seamlessly managed through a unified interface. This includes aligning activities with competency frameworks for personalized performance management to establish connections between learning outcomes and skill development.


Onboarding Features:

An ideal HRMS management solution includes robust onboarding features such as paperless forms, automated reminders, and probation management. The managers introduce the new employees through a probationary period with clearing it depends on attendance, job performance, and conduct.


The HRMS system includes essential compliance features, such as automated recruitment compliance, automated EEOC compliance, and automated healthcare benefits compliance. It is critical to ensure fairness in the hiring process to prevent legal problems concerning biases related to gender, religion, disability, and ethnicity.

Abiding by health-related compliance is also important. A good HRMS software efficiently collects and manages this data, facilitates IRS reporting, and stays updated in response to changes in the law.

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